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Small Companies Need Greenville, SC Marketing to Make a Larger Impact

Small business owners are more vital to the country’s economy than they think. Cola Daily recently covered the second annual National Small Business Week Conference, this time held in Columbia, South Carolina. The conference stressed the importance of marketing and networking to boost revenue; two practices that aspiring entrepreneurs should follow if they want to be successful in the ever-changing, competitive world of business.

In fact, the Small Business Administration says that 44 percent of private payrolls in the U.S. all come from companies with 500 employees or less. However, given that they don’t have the same resources as large corporations and multinationals, small businesses can’t launch successful marketing campaigns on their own. This is why Greenville, SC marketing companies, like Spark Local Marketing, primarily offer their expertise to small-time business owners to give them an edge.


Greenville SEO Services Help Local Companies Avoid Costly SEO Mistakes

The wrong use of keywords isn’t the only mistake that can be made while carrying out SEO. This is why leading Greenville, SC search engine optimization companies like Spark Local Marketing sees to it that they steer clear of tactics that Google and other major search engines absolutely frown upon. Here are some SEO slip-ups that you should avoid at all costs:

First, your site may have broken links. This is the natural result of changes to the website and the passage of time. Having links that lead to nowhere is penalized by Google and other search engines. A professional SEO service would be able to audit your website and fix up any broken links that could hurt your search rankings.