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Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Greenville, SC Marketing Campaigns

Pinterest has not only captured the interests of typical web-goers, but also the local Greenville, SC marketing pros who recognize its potential as a business tool. It’s actually not surprising, considering that in 2012, e-commerce hub Shopify.com found that the average order value from Pinterest traffic was double that of Facebook at $80. The following excerpt from a Forbes article


Tips for Online Marketing in Greenville, SC: Facebook Marketing Tricks

Greenville, South Carolina has and continues to make headlines as one of the fastest-growing and best cities for workers and businesses nationwide, which means that competition in the business market can be quite fierce. To rise above the competition, many enterprises opt to invest in efficient online marketing in Greenville, SC, and one of the most efficient strategies in this system is social media marketing.

Greenville, SC Web Design Tips: Using Colors in a Minimalistic Way

Businesses in fast-growing cities like Greenville, South Carolina should see to it that they stay well above the competition by effectively using internet marketing tools like Greenville, SC web design. These days, web designers and marketers alike are advocating the use of minimalistic design instead of assaulting the viewer’s senses with psychedelic colors or illegible text. The easier the page is on the eyes, the more visitors to the site will appreciate it.

Efficient Online Marketing Tips in Greenville, SC: Facebook Marketing

As it is for most social media platforms today, pictures often speak louder than words, not only in catching the attention of your audience, but also in scoring high in Facebook’s recent algorithms. Make sure to practice some diligence when posting photos though—ensure that it’s devoid of anything that could potentially offend your audience.

There’s a reason why many businesses opt to hire reputable online marketing companies in Greenville, SC, and it’s mainly because ensuring visibility takes a lot of know-how regarding the typical workings of top social networks like Facebook. This makes such companies an invaluable asset in keeping businesses on their feet in the complex world of online brand marketing.

Greenville, SC Marketing Tips: Understand and Apply Pay-Per-Click

For many businesses and marketers alike in South Carolina, it’s not enough to simply drive online traffic to their websites using search engine optimization or social media strategies. Indeed, paid online advertising, more commonly known as pay-per-click, is one of the most essential components of efficient Greenville, SC marketing. Here are some facts about how it works along with certain best practice examples:


Essentially, pay-per-click is a system whereby a client business or organization pays a pre-determined sum of money to an online marketing or ad company for each time a user clicks on an ad. Search engines usually set apart PPC ads from generic results whenever someone types in a query (in Google’s case, the ads are located at the top of the search results and on the right side as a column, all marked with a yellow “Ad” text).